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Month: May 2017

Food is your fuel

Food is your fuel; this is one way the I like to think about food and eating.

In today’s society, it is so easy to have a negative relationship with food. Think emotional eating, eating to celebrate, eating on the run or at your desk, not eating enough because of pressure to look a certain way.

Using the analogy ‘food is your fuel’ takes away some of the negativity. We go to a petrol station to fuel up the car. We know exactly what fuel it takes to work efficiently and effectively, how many litres it takes to fill it up, that we need fuel up regularly and if we use the car often then trips to the petrol stations will become frequent.

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Emergency Fund Myths Debunked

The Sacred Emergency Fund- Myths Debunked

Do you need an emergency fund?

If so, where should I put it and how much do I need?

Contrary to standard investment advice, Miss Health and I go down a slightly different route, one that I highly recommend you follow, once you debunk a few of the myths around it. 

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Why I Quit Stock Picking

Why I Quit Stock Picking

It’s 10.01am on a Friday and I’m sunbathing on the beach.

I’m anxious.

I can’t relax even in this beautiful setting.

Why not?

Because I’m a stock picker.

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What it Means to Lead a Healthy Life

Let’s explore what it means to lead a healthy life. Living in today’s society is a pressure cooker; from work, being constantly contactable with your smart phone and social media, advertising bombarding you from television, on the street and in social media telling you to do this, buy this latest and greatest product, or that you need to look a certain way.

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Being Always Busy is a Choice


I’d love to, but… I’m just TOO busy!

How many times have you heard friends, family or colleagues saying those exact words? Perhaps you even mutter them yourself on a daily or weekly basis.

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You Know You Love the Index

Do you love the index?

I’m talking about index funds. I’ve even convinced Miss Health to love them too.

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