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Month: June 2017

Daily Deal Websites- Friend or Foe of Frugality?

Buy now! 23 hours and 55 minutes until this deal expires!

Daily deal websites have become the norm in today’s consumer focused, instant gratification society. But do they aid in your frugal efforts or hinder them?

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Power of a positive mindset

I’ve always considered myself a positive person and tend to see the good or positive in people and situations that life throws at me or my loved ones. After listening to a podcast by Julie Foucher http://juliefoucher.com/2017/05/ep-56-katrin-davidsdottir-ben-bergeron-process-creating-champion/ interviewing current Crossfit Games Champion Katrín Davíðsdóttir https://games.crossfit.com/ and her coach I have became more and more intrigued in the power of a positive mindset. This intrigue lingered in my sub consciousness where at random times I would stop, assess my attitude and how I was feeling, make adjustments and continue on (usually to a more positive outcome).

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7 Reasons Why I’m Leaving Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending After Less than 12 Months

It hasn’t even been 12 months and I’m withdrawing every cent I can out of P2P lending.

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