Wake up exhausted.

Eat breakfast on the run.

Commute 60 minutes in traffic to your office job where you sit in a chair most of the day.

Buy lunch at work.

Commute another 60 minutes home, in worse traffic.

Think about doing exercise but watch TV instead.

Give your partner (if you have one, after all, dating is also exhausting!) a quick kiss before bed.

Wake up and do it all over again for the next 40 years.

Sounds terrible right!? 

Well, we are here to show you a better way. We are Mr Wealth and Miss Health and we believe you can sleep like a baby, cut that commute (or even ride your bike to work), get a career you love and are good at, get in the shape of your life, eat well and have an early retirement with cash flowing assets paying your bills at the same time.

Keen to find out how?

This blog shares our journey. So slip off those shoes, grab some dark chocolate (90% of course) and read away! Join us on our journey for optimal living, you won’t be disappointed.