Good news!! I eat chocolate daily, believe it or not. If your taste buds are honed, you can too.

Mr Wealth and I have a constant stock of chocolate in the pantry or fridge. We eat a healthy diet mostly consisting of vegetables, nuts and seeds, a fist size portion of meats, some starch and little processed food. So, for us chocolate is our healthy pleasure. I stare clear of calling it a treat or vice because of the dichotomy with good vs bad (healthy eating or what society tells us is a diet = good vs bad = chocolate).

Now I must qualify myself, we eat 90% chocolate consisting of 90% cacao beans (or 85% if the supermarket is out of stock). Not the milk chocolate or speciality flavour chocolate which are jam packed with sugar and stuff we want to stay away from. 90% chocolate is an acquired taste, but give it a go. The lovely creamy texture mixed with sweet and bitter flavours is delicious. The combination of bitter with a hint of sweet means generally your craving is quenched after one or two squares.

Benefits of dark chocolate

Not only does chocolate give you are great pick me up during the day and is a satisfying healthy pleasure. There are other great benefits. Studies (from a certain group of scientists and medical professionals) recently have shown that dark chocolate eaten regularly can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (lower blood pressure, stroke and heart attack). Now I’m no medical professional so please refer to Ian Wishart’s book “Show me the Money, Honey” where he compiles research from recent times on the benefits of chocolate and succinctly presents it in a chapter of this book. The book also mentions that combining dark chocolate (more the 70%) with a healthy consumption of food and exercise does not make you fat as studies indicate that chocolate increases the bodies metabolism.

Great news all round!! Mmmm chocolate.

Ms Health

p.s. As noted on the about us page, Mr Wealth and Ms Health are not medical professionals. This blog post is presents how we approach our health and wealth using knowledge we have attained.