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Why working a blue collar career makes me naturally happy and frugal

There are no Joneses or Kardashians to keep up with in my workplace.

I (Mr Wealth) get all my work clothes paid for by the company. Even my boots! This goes a long way to increasing my natural frugal ways and adds to my daily happiness. 

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Power of a positive mindset

I’ve always considered myself a positive person and tend to see the good or positive in people and situations that life throws at me or my loved ones. After listening to a podcast by Julie Foucher http://juliefoucher.com/2017/05/ep-56-katrin-davidsdottir-ben-bergeron-process-creating-champion/ interviewing current Crossfit Games Champion Katrín Davíðsdóttir https://games.crossfit.com/ and her coach I have became more and more intrigued in the power of a positive mindset. This intrigue lingered in my sub consciousness where at random times I would stop, assess my attitude and how I was feeling, make adjustments and continue on (usually to a more positive outcome).

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