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How to Ruthlessly cut down your Facebook Friends list Asking Yourself one Question

Would I sit down with this person one on one and talk over a meal?

If the answer is no, then why are you Facebook friends with them?

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We sold the car! One car couple day one

We did it.

We sold Donatello and officially became a one car couple over the weekend.

What a great feeling. Not only is this another step towards our financial goals, it’s also much bigger than that.

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Chasing the Dream Job- Personal Trainer

Helping people achieve their athletic goals.

Building muscle and burning fat

Getting paid to work the gym floor, in your element, what could be better!?!

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Chasing the Dream Job- Does it Exist?

On bad days at work, my mind drifts.

Wouldn’t life be so much better if I pursued my dream job?

So to answer that question. I’m going to spend the next few weeks trying to answer it.

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Why working a blue collar career makes me naturally happy and frugal

There are no Joneses or Kardashians to keep up with in my workplace.

I (Mr Wealth) get all my work clothes paid for by the company. Even my boots! This goes a long way to increasing my natural frugal ways and adds to my daily happiness. 

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Becoming a one car couple- Selling the second car

There is he in all his beauty.

My wee little 1997 Nissan, Donatello (because he looks like a Ninja Turtle of course, can’t you tell?)

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Daily Deal Websites- Friend or Foe of Frugality?

Buy now! 23 hours and 55 minutes until this deal expires!

Daily deal websites have become the norm in today’s consumer focused, instant gratification society. But do they aid in your frugal efforts or hinder them?

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Power of a positive mindset

I’ve always considered myself a positive person and tend to see the good or positive in people and situations that life throws at me or my loved ones. After listening to a podcast by Julie Foucher http://juliefoucher.com/2017/05/ep-56-katrin-davidsdottir-ben-bergeron-process-creating-champion/ interviewing current Crossfit Games Champion Katrín Davíðsdóttir https://games.crossfit.com/ and her coach I have became more and more intrigued in the power of a positive mindset. This intrigue lingered in my sub consciousness where at random times I would stop, assess my attitude and how I was feeling, make adjustments and continue on (usually to a more positive outcome).

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Food is your fuel

Food is your fuel; this is one way the I like to think about food and eating.

In today’s society, it is so easy to have a negative relationship with food. Think emotional eating, eating to celebrate, eating on the run or at your desk, not eating enough because of pressure to look a certain way.

Using the analogy ‘food is your fuel’ takes away some of the negativity. We go to a petrol station to fuel up the car. We know exactly what fuel it takes to work efficiently and effectively, how many litres it takes to fill it up, that we need fuel up regularly and if we use the car often then trips to the petrol stations will become frequent.

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Being Always Busy is a Choice


I’d love to, but… I’m just TOO busy!

How many times have you heard friends, family or colleagues saying those exact words? Perhaps you even mutter them yourself on a daily or weekly basis.

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