We did it.

We sold Donatello and officially became a one car couple over the weekend.

What a great feeling. Not only is this another step towards our financial goals, it’s also much bigger than that. As mentioned in our previous post on the subject, selling the second car is better for our health, our relationship and our stress levels.

So how exactly does one feel on the first day of being a one car couple?

One car couple update day one:

The first thing we did, naturally of course was joke about what outlandish things we would do with the $1600 cold hard cash we sold it for. This lasted all but 15 seconds until I logged into our online banking and transferred it directly across to our index funds/emergency fund.

The whole process was fairly uneventful really. It seemed more like a weight off the shoulders as we had made the decision over a month ago and we just kept lowering the price until a willing buyer came along. No more worry about whether it will pass its next six monthly safety check, or stress about what costly repairs, insurance or registration bills coming in the mail at the worst times. Just another notch to our lower stress life we are trying to build around a hectic world.

In the city of Auckland, New Zealand hailed as the worst traffic in Australasia and one of the longest transport commutes from the airport to the CBD, I’m glad we are doing our little bit to keep one less car off our roads.

All the better to cycle on I say.